Best Smartwatches 2021

A smartwatch offers many services. for instance , not having to require your smartphone out of your pocket with every vibration makes it easy to remain focused on your task, as long as you’re selective about which notifications you show abreast of your wrist, otherwise you will see them vibrate multiple times. times per minute.

Also, make certain to regulate the extent of detail of the messages, otherwise you’ll find yourself in embarrassing situations once you automatically open an inappropriate message fully view of your interlocutor (any match to a situation your server goes through would just be a coincidence). ).

But aside from notifications, connected watches are mainly for athletes, whether it’s Sunday or more serious. this is often where they prove their worth, loaded with an increasing number of sensors that allow you to coach more efficiently. ECG, SpO2, VO2max… If you do not understand the purpose , we’ll explain it all here.

A quick overview of the simplest connected watches of the instant .